5 Best build tools for
for UI/UX developers

In recent years, UI/ UX emerged as a promising field. Demand of UI/ UX developers is increasing as well with the fast pace.

With the change in technology and increasing competition, more people are becoming concerned with interactive UI design to make a user-friendly website and generate better ROI. Due to which the demand for front-end developers also increased.

Front-end developer's work includes designing the responsive website with creative UI design and makes a website user-friendly.

To make front-end developer work easy and hassle-free various front-end development tools have been introducing to make the web development process faster and smoother. Most of the repetitive and monotonous work tools perform by themselves. It helps in the web development process.

Before deciding your ideal front-end development tool, you have to consider various aspects like functionality, ease of operating, price, compatibility, and so on.

Here I am listing out my top 5 front-end development tools that are part of my daily routine now-
01. Visual studio code-

It is a powerful source code editor that runs mainly on a desktop which is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS. It has built-in support for Typescript, JavaScript, and Node.js having a rich eco-system for other languages such as C++, Python, PHP, java, and the list goes on. We recommend you to try visual studio code if you are a beginner.

02. Chrome dev tool-

It is a set of web development tools built-in the Google browsers. It helps you to edit the page source code and diagnose your problem rapidly. It helps in designing your webpage better and at a fast rate. It includes core Dev Tools workflows having debugging CSS, prototyping CSS, debugging JavaScript, and analyze performances.

03. JQuery-

It is a popular name in the field of front-end web development. JQuery is a rich and small JavaScript library that supports other libraries too. It provides your additional plugins option for better functionality. It is a cross-platform that helps in various functionality like DOM manipulation, Event Handling, CSS manipulation, Animation, Ajax/JSON support, and much more. It has the perfect combination of versatility and compatibility that has changed the way millions of developers work on JavaScript.

04. Code pen-

Code pen is an online community that tests and shows user-friendly HTML, CSS, JavaScript code snippets. Developers can create code snippets known as pens, and you can test them as well. Code pen has the largest communities in the field of web designers and developers to showcase, test and debug the coding skills and find inspiration in gaining knowledge. This is the best place to write your code with privacy.

05. Git-

It is the last and most favorite front-end web development tool, according to us. It is free to use, has open-source security, and is secure. It allows you to manage your source code and track the changes that you have made. If something wrong happens, you have the option to roll back to the previous stage of code in no time. It tracks all the changes from the start so that if there is any missing detail, it will help you to get those details back. Multiple users can work on source code very smoothly without any disruption and reduce the risk of conflict between employees.

There are so many tools in the front-end web development field that have unique and distinct features and are equally important, as we have mentioned above.

But so far, these 5 are the best and reliable tools for the front-end development that you can go.

No matter what tools you use, the output should be productive and should be able to add value to your web development smoothly and hustle-free.

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