6 best practices to
improve your
ecommerce ui design

Due to the covid situation, more and more people are shifting to online platforms and are exploring their business.

Due to the covid situation, more and more people are shifting to online platforms and are exploring their business. If we talk about customers, they also love doing online shopping with just one click. With the rise in demand for online products, competition also increases. Everyone wants to nail the game and be different.

Here a question arises, what makes you different?

Mainly, an e-commerce website is the perfect combination of beautiful UI design and elaborated UX design.

An E-commerce website is not only about its appearance. It is beyond its functionality, where most of the websites fail.

It takes few seconds for audiences to decide whether they have to stay on the website or not. It should be eye-catching and easy to navigate.

Website is the marketing tool that shows your products and convinces people to buy them. If you use this power smartly, nothing can beat you in this competitive market.

Here, we are going to discuss some tips and good practices for your e-commerce website.

Here, we are going to discuss some tips and good practices for your e-commerce website.
01. Add high quality images and videos-

A better representation of your products means better sales. In offline stores, you can convince your customers, and they can see their products from all angles and every perspective. It is a difficult task for an online store to do so. Customers do not rely on the poor quality of pages and videos and lose interest in products.

To solve problems leading technologies include high-resolution photos, 360-degree views, and 3D models. You can adapt that into your e-commerce website to make yourself profitable.

02. Easy to navigate and search-

The purpose of the best e-commerce design is to sell your products to consumers in convenient way. Your website should be easy to navigate. There should be a clear call to action so that consumers are not lost and know what exactly he/she doing. If proper navigation does not exist on your website, it will lead to a high bounce rate, and users will leave.

There should be filters on your website so that consumer can search product according to his need and want and his interest stays with the website. If he does not find an accurate filter, he may lose interest and leave. It is unfavourable for your website and your business.

03. Make proper structure and flow of action-

Important information and menus should be on top of your website. If the proper structure is not maintained, people are lost. They do not have any idea what they have to do next. If all necessary information remains on top, then the user experience improves.

The actions should be clear to make the user experience smooth from starting point to the transaction. Each step should be easy to follow up.

04. Stick to simplicity and add beauty to your website-

A good e-commerce design should be easy to navigate and simple to browse. A website should not be dramatic and easy. Every button should be neatly placed with proper spacing so that it will not look clumsy and adjusted. Everything placed on the website should be for some purpose, not to distract customers without any reason.

The layout of the website should be attractive and should possess the personality of your business. There should be a proper balance between usefulness and attractiveness. Images on the website should be relatable to your business, and the colors should soothe to the eyes of your consumers.

05. It should be responsive-

Your website should be responsive and mobile-friendly. Nowadays, 70% of people use their mobile for navigation, research, and online shopping. Google algorithm doesn’t like mobile-friendly websites and would not prefer such websites to rank high on the search engine. Likewise, it is hard for consumers to navigate your website as most of the features may be too small to be seen or will not appear on your website, which is not a good work. So optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly.

06. Give multiple options to stay in touch-

On your website, there should be multiple ways from where customers can resolve their queries.

In online products, users are not sure about the products that you are serving. To ideally deal with such a situation, FAQ (frequently asked questions), contact number, customer care number, or social media handles should be present on your website to develop a sense of authority and connection.

Here, we explained few best practices for your e-commerce UI design. It will help you to gain and retain your potential customers and make them dwell in your business.

Make the best out of your website and boost your sales to win in this competitive world.

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