Google Ads for Real Estate your Ultimate Guide.

Google ads is a powerful tool in online advertising and it empower businesses to display ads on google search engine result page and other social platforms.

Google Ads for Real Estate your Ultimate Guide.

Let’s first understand the basics of Google ads and PPC advertising  

What is PPC? 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a digital advertising strategy where advertisers pay fees when their ads are clicked by users. PPC marketing advertising is a crucial element of digital marketing strategy as it helps in delivering traffic to websites, driving sales, and generating leads. PPC ads appear on search engines and other platforms like YouTube and other online platforms, allowing businesses to reach quality audiences and decrease their advertising costs. PPC advertising is the most valuable tool for businesses that are looking to enhance their online presence and attract quality customers. it is now one of the best ways to drive traffic to the website which automatically results in better real estate marketing. 

What are Google ads for real estate and how does it help in lead generation? 

Google Ads is an online advertising platform, and it is a leading platform in the PPC advertising model. Google ads allow businesses to display ads on Google search engine results page. In Google ads, advertisers bid on keywords and then pay for each click on their ads. It is an effective way for businesses to reach quality audiences, increase their visibility, and drive lead generation. 

It is a powerful tool for businesses like- restaurants, real estate, brokerages, etc. 

There are majorly 5 types of Google Ads  

1) Search Ads  

It is a text-based ad that appears on Google search engine results pages. It is designed to display when a user searches for a specific keyword, product, or service which they want. The search ad can connect businesses with the users who are searching for solutions. You can use search ads with the platform's help like Google ads. Google ads enable advertisers to set their campaign budget, and target demographics based on gender, age, and income. Advertisers can also track the performance of their search ad campaigns. This search ad approach helps businesses to reach quality audiences and increase the chances of conversions.

2) Display Ads  

Display ads include images banners and other elements that are too shown on thousands of websites over the is a type of visual advertisement that appears on websites, apps, and social media platforms. The main purpose of this ad is to increase brand awareness, attract quality customers, and drive clicks to a website or landing page. Advertiser uses display ads to showcase their product and brand message to a wider audience. Remember if your primary goal is to drive user action such as clicks, or conversion CPC is a suitable choice. And if you’re primary goal is to increase brand awareness and visibility CPM is the right choice CPM you pay for every thousand impressions. 

3) Video Ads  

Video ads are displayed on YouTube in video format. This type of video ad is displayed to users when they watch a YouTube video. It is usually displayed during the video or at the start of the video or shows up in search results on YouTube. 

Video ads come in various formats, each designed to cater to different goals and audiences. Here are some common types of video ads.    


Skippable in-stream ads  

Non-skippable in-stream ads  

In-feed video ads  

Bumper ads  

Outstream ads  

How it displayed  

Users have the option to skip ads after 5 seconds. If the user chooses to skip the ads, advertisers aren’t charged.  

In-feed ads usually appear within the user content feed and are shown to users who are in the searching phase.  

In Non-skippable ads, viewers are required to watch the entire ad without the option to skip after a certain duration. 

Bumper ads are a Non-skippable video ad format typically six seconds or less.  

It is a type of video ad format that displays outside of video content. It is designed to display within articles, websites, or mobile apps. 

Maximum video length  

No max length  

(Recommended less than 3 minutes ) 

15-30 seconds  

No max length   

6 seconds  

No max length  

Can remarket to viewers? 






Where does it serve? 

YouTube videos and GVP  

YouTube videos, GVP  

YouTube home feed, YouTube search 

Youtube videos, GVP 


4) Shopping Ads  

Shopping ads are mainly for e-commerce businesses to promote their products. in shopping ads product images, prices, and details for that specific product are displayed which leads to drive sales. 

Shopping ads appear at the top of the search engine results page or in shopping tabs, allowing users to see products that are related to their search queries. In shopping ads advertisers are charged on a CPC basis cost per click means advertisers pay when users click on their shopping ad. 

Shopping ads are designed to be user-friendly. Mobile users can easily interact with product listings.  

5) APP Promotion Ads 

App promotion ads are designed to increase app downloads the purpose is to target mobile device users and direct them to install the app. When creating an app promotion ad, it is essential to have a clear call to action, and a short message highlighting the key benefits. Regularly analyze your ad and change strategy according to several conversions.  

How Google ads for real estate helps in lead generation 

Keyword Relevance

Advertisers bid on the relevant keywords that are related to their businesses ensuring that their ads will displayed when users search for that specific keyword or phrase. This helps businesses to connect with quality users and helps in generating leads. 

Target advertising 

Through Google ads, we can create target advertisements that target audiences which is based on specific keywords, locations, demographics, and behavior. It ensures that the ads will displayed to potential customers. 

Provides Measurable Results  

Google ads provide such tools that allow businesses to track the performance of their ad campaigns. Businesses can monitor metrics such as clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and conversion it provides valuable insights that help in lead generation. 

Provide Flexible budget options 

It allows businesses to set a daily budget for their Google ads campaign. The pay-per-click model means that you only have to pay when some person clicks on your ad, making it a cost-effective way to generate leads. 


With the help of Google ads, you can do remarketing to users who have previously or recently visited your website. By showing ads to targeted users who have shown interest but did not convert, businesses can nurture leads and encourage them to take further action. 

Some Benefits of Using Google Ads for Real Estate Marketing  

There are many advantages of using Google ads for real estate marketing. Here are some main advantages 

Helps in increasing visibility

google ads allow Real Estate Companies and agents to increase their online visibility and reach potential customers who are searching for the property. 

With Google ads, if your real estate business is dealing in the commercial or industrial sector in any region you can easily show up the property at the top of the search engine results page. 

Uses cost-effective model

Google ads use the PPC model which is cost-effective because in the PPC model, you pay only when someone clicks your ad means cost is deducted from pay-per-click. This helps in keeping costs down while targeting a wider and quality audience. 


with the help of Google ads, you have the flexibility to create and adjust your campaigns at any time. You can also test different ad formats like video ads, display ads, etc. to see which works best for your real estate business and help lead generation. 

Target define audience

Google ads allow you to target a quality audience based on demographics, interest, and location. This defined targeting ensures that your ads are shown to a quality audience who are interested and increases the chance of quality lead generation.  

Getting started with Google ads for real estate advertising   

Let’s first start by creating a Google ads account for a real estate business 

  • Sign up first start by creating a Google ads account if you already have an account there is no need to create it just simply log in. 
  • Account setup – after signing up or login set up your real estate business account by providing all essential details about your business like contact details, business address, business name, etc. 
  • Campaign creation – now after setting up your account the next step is campaign creation. You can create a campaign type that is most suitable to your business like a search ad, display ad, video ad, etc. but for a real estate business search ad will be more suitable and beneficial in lead generation. 
  • Ad group and ad creation – now within your campaign, create ad groups and ads separately. Craft compelling ad copy that highlights your real estate services, unique selling points, and clear call-to-action.   
  • Budget strategy – set a daily budget for your campaign according to a bidding strategy, different bidding strategies are maximizing clicks, impressions, or conversions. 

 Google ads provide various bidding options, so select the option that suits your business goal. 

Understanding the keywords for real estate advertising ad campaigns

Long tail keywords

In the real estate industry, long-tail keywords are particularly effective. These are many more specific phrases that target niche markets for example- for more specific targeting you will use long-tail keywords like – industrial property for sale in Noida. 

Google keyword planner

utilize Google keyword planner tool to explore keyword ideas exploring their search volume and difficulty level. 

Location-based keywords

As we know the real estate business is dependent on location. So it is necessary to target location keywords example- factory for sale in Noida sector 57 by targeting location-based keywords you can set up your ad campaign. 

Competitor keyword analysis

By analyzing competitor keywords you can target those keywords that your competitor is using this can provide insights into gaps or opportunities in your keyword strategy.  

Negative keywords

considered negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic. Example- suppose your real estate business is dealing in industrial property so you will use the keywords that are related to industrial property or include industrial phrases you can select those keywords and put them into negative keywords in which you are not dealing like commercial as negative keywords. 

Monitoring ads campaign performance

When your campaign runs keep a close eye on campaign performance. By effectively using Google Analytics for monitoring real estate advertising ads campaigns, businesses can gain insights, and redefine their strategies to maximize the effectiveness of ad campaigns which results in better real estate marketing. 

Mastering Google ads for real estate marketing can be a game-changer in achieving property success. Understanding the concept and benefits of PPC and Google ads is essential for any real estate business that wants to enhance its online business presence and wanted to generate quality leads. This approach is very crucial for driving website traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales. Google ads are a powerful tool in online advertising and they empower businesses to display ads on Google search engine result pages and other social platforms.